Meet part of SC Team

SC Campus Manager

Jacques Mouton

Jacques started life out as a languages teacher and later moved into the financial JACQUESservices area where he was a superannuation fund manager.  When he migrated to Australia he went back to the education field and has held management positions in registered training organizations as well as independent schools.

“I love the college environment because there are always much activity, with many staff members and students coming and going, making it an interesting place to work.  I am keen to maintain and improve the quality of education and student care at Strathfield College, and also to ensure that all staff are content in their work environment”.

Director of Studies English ELICOS

John Rusnak

MA Applied Linguistics (UTS Sydney), MA Education – English /Civics

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“As the Director of Studies for English at Strathfield College, I am proud to lead a team of teachers who care about
students’ individual needs
and assist them in a successful second language acquisition. Our department is determined to helping learners gain the language skills and confidence they need to achieve their academic, social and career goals.

I started my teaching career in Europe in 1997 and through various roles in translation, interpreting and program design and delivery progressed to managerial positions. After relocating to Australia, I took part in delivering and managing English programs for a number of ELICOS providers. My main interests lie in socio-linguistics and genre use and these also inform my practice as an educator.

As the Director of Studies of the English department, my priority is to continue delivering excellent service to our students while also providing opportunities for our teachers to develop professionally”.

Head English Teachers

Marisol Carino

“My experience includes teaching every level from Beginner to Advanced and Strathfield College has given me the Marisol Carino
opportunity to also teach IELTS. Before starting at the college I’ve been teaching ESL for just over a year. My previous teaching experience took place at International House and at SELC in Bondi.

Coming from a background in early childcare and having volunteered as a tutor at a children’s shelter. I’ve always valued education and how it can bring out the best in everyone and give them better opportunities whether that is in their career or at life in general.

I have to admit that my first love is the English language. I studied literature at university, wrote a novel and now I’m teaching English every day so I’ve made my passion my profession”.


Director of Studies VET

Kazi Rezwan  

Kazi graduated from University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Commence in Accounting. He later completed Master Rezwan Kaziof Business in Accounting and Finance at University of Technology Sydney. Kazi has vast experience in the vocational education sector working in various roles.

He has strong VET organisational skills, educational background and exceptional people management skills to deal with a team of 20 trainers at the college. Kazi’s passion for training and education has motivated him to join vocational education sector and to be a part of Strathfield College.



VET Administrator

Natalie Orton  

I’ve only recently joined the team at Strathfield College and am currently completing a Communications – Journalism

Natalie ORTON
degree. Before coming on board, I’d been working as an International Student Advisor for the last two years within the public sector.

Originally coming from a recruitment background, working in education administration has certainly been an interesting and rewarding experience. I’m very much looking forward to the new challenges here at SC!”

Marketing and Communications Team

Krisztina Koos | Marketing Director | Hungarian, German, English – Europe

Krisztina graduated as an Economist from the University of Applied Sciences in Germany and from the University DSC_0579of
Modern Business Sciences in Hungary, specialising in International Economy before continuing her studies in Marketing in Australia. Krisztina promotes Europen and Latin American markets for SC. She has worked in marketing for several years at a few different reputable colleges before joining the SC team. Krisztina has also worked in an Educational and Migration agency so she has an excellent understanding of the Australian education system and Australian immigration policies.

Having been a student in three different countries, Krisztina is very aware of the needs of international students and she aims to provide continuous support to SC students and agents.

“My team and I work with agents from over 25 countries to recruit students for our programs. We travel overseas to meet agents, prospective students and to promote studying in Australia. SC marketing campaigns have seen us travel to Jordan, Serbia, India, Pakistan, Italy, Spain and Lebanon.

I also work with our English and Business school Directors of Study to develop and improve our products, to improve our services and to ensure we meet our students’ expectations. Our priority has always been, and is, quality with the aim of value for money. We aim to give our students good service, a quality education and REAL pathways without an inflated price”.

Howard Bai | Regional Marketing Manager | Mandarin, Cantonese, English – Greater China

Howard Bai is one of the Regional Marketing Managers at Strathfield College focusing on the North Asia Market. He Howard Baihas been working in the education sector since 2000 and has a background in tourism, marketing and teaching. As such, Howard is also a trainer with the Certificate IV of Tourism program.

Howard graduated from the University of Sydney with a MA in applied linguistics in 2003, a Graduate Diploma in Interpreting and Translation with Distinction from University of Western Sydney in 2002, a MBA with a specialisation in Information Systems from Central Queensland University in 2001 and an undergraduate degree from Beijing Foreign studies University in 1996.

With a background in international travel for 4 years in Beijing before he pursued his postgraduate studies in Australia, Howard is fully aware of the needs of international students and endeavors to assist them to achieve their goals and learning objectives.

Nicholas Redding | Regional Marketing Manager| English, Chinese, Japanese – Middle East, South East Asia and Subcontinent Redding

“I’ve been working in education industry for about four years, and I’ve joined the SC team from April 2014.

I studied my Master of Information System at CQU. It’s always been enjoyable to witness and accompany students’ growth.

I believe we learn along with students. It’s awesome place to meet new friends from any industry all over the world.”


Maria Soledad Coria| Costumer Service Manager | English, Spanish, Italian

“I started working at SC in 2013 managing the customer service policies. The exchange with students and agents from Sole Coria
different countries has been a very enriching experience for me, I really enjoyed.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication Sciences and more than five years’ experience developing as a Customer Service Manager. I am very happy to face this daily challenge and improve everyday our services.

I definitely recommend students from all over the world to come and study an English or Business course in this beautiful country and amazing city. Strathfield College is a multicultural and qualified college who will exceed your expectations while you are in Australia”.

Sandra Oliveros| Regional Marketing Manager | English, Spanish, Latin America & Korea

“I’ve been working in the education industry for about three years, and I joined the SC team in March 2015. SandraI’m happy to be part of Strathfield College & Educo family and look forward to working closely withal the team.

I completed a Double Degree in Marketing and Media and Communications at Macquarie University-Sydney (2009). I’ve also completed 4 years of studies in International Law back in Lima – Peru

Having studied in Australia as an international student myself, I enjoy the fact that I can help and understand what our prospective students  are looking for as well as providing everyone in my network of agents with the best option for their students.

I find it very interesting to talk to the students, hearing about where they have come from and what they are hoping to achieve here at SC. We have a great culture and excellent courses and I feel that students will enjoy their time here.

I have been involved in the education industry for over 3 years across various roles, ranging from working directly with students in Student Services, placing students via Admissions and in marketing to and advising new students”.

William Wang| Regional Marketing Manager | English, Chinese – South East Asia

William graduated from Massey University in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Business Studies coupled with 10 years working experience in international education industry under his belt.DSC_1361

He is a passionate people-focused person who endeavours to deliver the highest standard services to all stakeholders especially to students. Having joined Strathfield College as a Regional Marketing Manager recently, William is committed to be part of this vibrant team being collegiate, as well as being accountable to bring positive results.

Some people make things happen, some watch while things happen, and some wonder what happened? If you want to become one of those who make things happen, please join us at Strathfield College. We can make things happen!

SC Admissions Team

Connie Li | Registrar

“I joined Strathfield College in 2009 as an Assistant Registrar looking after the daily operations of the administration Connie Liside of the Marketing Department.

After some time in the company, I have been offered the opportunity to further my career as the Registrar in late 2010 due to my knowledge of the student administration department as well as my background in international recruitment.

I very much enjoy the diversity of our college and the rich corporate culture at all levels”.

Yan Gu | Administration Assistant Gu

“I started working in Strathfield College in 2010 after graduating from University of Sydney/ As an Admission officer, I  usually answer the students’ enquiries and provide them better ways to help.

I really enjoy the multicultural environment and I am dedicated to looking after the individual needs of students and ensuring they feel welcomed and supported.”

Martina Brokes| Receptionist

“I have joined Strathfield college in 2015 and really enjoy being student’s first contact as I believe first impressions really count.

Working in the education industry in the past helped me to better understand students’ needs  and support students during their studies in Australia.

I wish all our students success in their studies.”

Accounting Department

Anthony Shen | Accountant


“I have been working at Strathfield College since October 2011 as the financial accountant.

With a degree in Accounting at the University of New South Wales, I started my career from a creditor control/Accounts Receivable position in a multinational group company. With a decision to become a CPA qualified accountant, I changed my career path to financial accounting and controlling.

 I really like Strathfield College’s vibrant and flexible culture, in the meantime, I would like to contribute myself to the college’s well being by my analytic skill and problem solving mind. However, sometimes, it may require a bit of ‘innovative’ power to tackle emerging changes.”

Strathfield CollegeStaff